Collection & Disposal

At Corio Waste Management Pty Ltd, we specialise in assisting hospitality and other commercial organisations with managing their organic and food waste disposal. We do this by implementing tried and tested processes.

We service food and beverage companies such as restaurants, cafes and take-away establishments across Melbourne, as well as other businesses with commercial kitchens. This includes hotels, hospitals, aged-care centre and more. In addition to organic food wastes, we also assist with the management of grease trap and oil collection in commercial kitchens.
This is not only significantly beneficial for the environment, it also allows more efficiency for the companies themselves, as they realise the positive outcome of using these convenient resources.


Getting rid of garden organics and food waste in the most ethical and efficient way is a large part of our service offering. We are highly trained and skilled in the best methods and techniques of disposing of this kind of material and work hard to deliver the most efficient and effective service every time.

We also design and implement systems and processes for regulated waste collection, transportation and treatment services, facilities management, events, compliance and performance auditing, reporting and benchmarking and waste handling, transfer, storage and treatment equipment and facility design services.

For more information about our commercial collection and recycling or to find out more about our food waste disposal services, call our Contact Centre on 1300 267 4696 or enquire online.