Commercial Services

We approach things differently to our competitors. The first question we ask is 'What are your organic waste management objectives?' The answer to this simple question will guide us in reviewing current practices and making recommendations.

We begin with an assessment of waste generation rates, a characterisation of the types of materials generated and a review of your current system against regulatory requirements and best practice guidelines. We then conduct a needs analysis and design a collection system and service schedule for the individual circumstances and objectives of your organisation.
We can implement a basic recycling system that separates paper and cardboard and co-mingled (mixed) recyclables from the general stream or more advanced systems where all materials are source-separated for reuse, recycling or energy recovery and no general waste is delivered directly to landfill. We also have an organic waste service which can recycle your food scraps, meat off-cuts, coffee grounds and green waste.

Through the needs analysis, we provide you with a number of sustainable options and design the most appropriate collection system for your circumstances and budget. The final stage in the process is to implement the system and assist you to provide training and education to system users.

We continually measure system performance and regularly review any changes in material characteristics and advances in waste material storage and handling, separation and resource recovery technologies that could be adapted to meet the changing needs of your organisation.

For an obligation-free quote or more information about our commercial waste management and recycling services, call our Contact Centre on 1300 267 4696 or enquire online.