Waste Management Consulting


Corio Waste Management Pty Ltd has extensive experience in all aspects of planning and managing quarantine wastes. We especially understand the needs of government and the private sector.

We have a range of commercial services and tools to assist customers in achieving their waste management objectives. Whether you want to achieve compliance, best practice, cost savings, continuous improvement or engagement with stakeholders, we can provide outcomes that are innovative, economically viable, practical and sustainable.

We have the capabilities to deliver the following professional services:

  •     Assessment and auditing
  •     Compliance auditing
  •     'What If?' and cost-benefit analysis
  •     Engaging stakeholders
  •     Waste plans for Green Star projects
  •     NABERS waste auditing and reporting
  •     Quarantine waste management plans
  •     Reporting
  •     Characterisation studies
  •     Sampling and analysis of waters, waste waters, soils and wastes
  •     Waste hazard categorisation
  •     Education and training
  •     Benchmarking
  •     Monitoring and review

For more information about our quarantine waste management consulting services, please call our Customer Contact Centre on 1300 267 4696 or enquire online.