Public Place Recycling


These days, people expect to be able to recycle away from the home, and why shouldn’t they? Being able to easily and efficiently recycle wherever you are is an increasingly important part of the society we are living in and should be taken seriously and implemented in the most efficient and advantageous way. We have worked closely with Councils to implement public place recycling bins in parks and reserves, shopping centres and more. These services are included in the litterbin contract specification and delivered separately to litterbin collections. Our practical services benefit the community as a whole, not to mention the environment, as it increases resource recovery opportunities and reduces the cost of services to Councils and their communities.

We can also supply, deliver, maintain, service and remove a range of bin types and models for festivals and events throughout the year. The supply of colour-coded bins and 'waste wise' bin caps also increases public participation in recycling, adds to the growing awareness to the importance of recycling, communicates the ease of recycling with our community members and can heavily reduce event costs.

For more information about our public recycling services call Corio Waste Management Pty Ltd on 1300 276 4696 or enquire online.