Specialist Services

As a specialist provider of regulated waste collection, transportation and treatment services, we provide facilities management services, event management services, compliance and performance auditing, reporting and benchmarking and waste handling, transfer, storage and treatment equipment and facility design services.

Technical expertise and a sound knowledge of government regulations and the technical requirements of our customers enables us to deliver desired outcomes to our customers. We specialise in niche, value-add services including:

  • Clinical Waste and Hygiene Services - Collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of clinical, pharmaceutical, cytotoxic, sanitary and nappy waste, the supply of washroom sanitising and deodorising products, urinal cleaning, document destruction, e.g., confidential patient records, recycling of plastic films, medical equipment, X-rays and dental amalgam.
  • Biosecurity (Quarantine) Waste - Collection, storage, transportation and treatment of biosecurity waste such as material used to pack and stabilise cargo, galley and food waste, human, animal and plant waste and refuse or sweepings from the holds or decks of a vessel or installation, any goods and items subject to quarantine or any items that are exposed to or come into contact with biosecurity waste.
  • Facilities Management Services - Technical and operational support for facilities management including efficient and safe waste management, resource recovery and recycling system design, implementation and collection and disposal services.
  • Event Management Services - Planning, handling, transfer, storage, collection, transportation and recycling of source-separated and co-mingled materials, organic resource recovery and waste materials at indoor and outdoor events.
  • Assessments and Audits - Assessment and auditing of current waste management practices, identification of reusable and recyclable materials in the waste stream, expert advice on systems, processes and procedures for the flow of waste materials and the supply of appropriate equipment to help you improve resource recovery and achieve sustainable performance.
  • Green Star Performance - Minimise the amount of construction and demolition materials from base building and interior fit out works that is disposed to landfill. We provide services and reports to Green Star projects and engage an experienced RABQSA Certified Environmental Auditor to verify our compliance with the Green Star Reporting Criteria. Such verification of compliance is a prerequisite for the recognition and acceptance of reports provided within Green Star Construction and Demolition Waste credit submissions.
  • Reporting - Customer reporting tools enable customers to monitor their waste management performance against industry best practices and government policy targets and identify opportunities for recycling and cost reduction.
  • Compliance Audits - A systematic and comprehensive review of your organisation’s adherence to environmental and quarantine licenses, permits and compliance agreements. An independent auditor will evaluate the strength and thoroughness of compliance preparations, review security policies, user access controls and risk management procedures over the course of a compliance audit.
  • C&D Waste Bins - Bins and containers for construction and demolition materials enable users to efficiently separate and store recyclable materials and residual waste on-site and maximise resource recovery.
  • Liquid and Hazardous Wastes - Liquid vacuum tankers are used to collect and transport commercial and industrial liquids and sludges to a licensed treatment and disposal facility.
  • Organic Waste Service - Recycles your food scraps, meat off-cuts, coffee grounds and green waste. If you have an industrial kitchen, run a restaurant or a nursery, having a dedicated organic waste bin should be an essential part of your waste management process. We believe it is important to dispose your organic waste for reducing waste to landfill and by doing so, your business can save up to 15% on collection costs. Organic waste management facilities also use a natural process to recycle organic materials. 

For an obligation-free quote or more information about any of our specialised services, call our Customer Contact Centre on 1300 267 4696 or enquire online.