Litterbin Collection


Corio Waste Management Pty Ltd provides a high quality litter and public place recycling bin collection service where regular collections and bin cleansing are done consistently and service delivery is supervised and audited so that service quality and other issues are identified and resolved quickly.

We provide an efficient and effective service and have demonstrated an ability to maintain a cost effective and consistently excellent standard of service. Dedicated collection and cleaning vehicles are new at the beginning of the contract and the use of alternative technologies and fuels such as compressed natural gas and biofuel reduce overall atmospheric emissions from collection vehicles. Dedicated collection and cleaning vehicles allow us to be more flexible in service delivery and extra collections, bin cleaning and maintenance services for Council including festivals and events can be easily managed.

Detailed planning before contract commencement and regular supervision and auditing of service quality throughout the contract ensure that we comply with Council requirements for scheduling of services, service times and that common issues such as overflowing bins, underutilised bins, damaged bins and graffiti are identified by the driver and reported to Council in a timely manner. Monthly invoices are accurate and submitted to the customer in a timely manner.

We provide monthly reports to Council including:

  • vehicle weights and compliance with mass limits
  • driver work hours and fatigue management compliance
  • health and safety statistics including LTI's, LTIFR, LTIIR, LTISR and comparison with industry benchmarks, vehicle accidents, near misses, hazard identification and audits.
  • environmental performance statistics including vehicle spills, transport fuel consumption, scope 1 emissions from transport fuels, landfill disposal records and scope 3 emissions from waste disposal and resource recovery rate
  • quality statistics including route productivity, missed collections, complaints, service requests, vehicle and equipment preventative maintenance, repairs and cost analysis.

Reports are submitted to Council at the end of each month. Data is presented for each working day and as a summary for the month in tables and charts.
For more information about our litterbin collections, call Corio Waste Management Pty Ltd on 1300 276 4696 or enquire online.

Litterbin Collection