An Australian family owned company formed in Geelong in 1996, Corio Waste Management Pty Ltd offers clean, efficient and sustainable services across the waste resource value chain. Our collection services, resource recovery, recycling and waste treatment operations are conducted in accordance with best practice environmental guidelines.

    Waste Collection Disposal
    We are proud to operate state-of-the-art, systematically maintained and clean collection vehicles with the latest emissions control technology. The use of alternative fuels and route optimisation software minimises greenhouse gas emissions from transport activity and ensures efficient and reliable service delivery.

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We approach things differently to our competitors. The first question we ask is 'What are your organic waste management objectives?' The answer to this simple question will guide us in reviewing current practices and making recommendations. We begin with an assessment of waste generation rates, a characterisation of the types

    Collection & Disposal
    At Corio Waste Management Pty Ltd, we specialise in assisting hospitality and other commercial organisations with managing their organic and food waste disposal. We do this by implementing tried and tested processes. We service food and beverage companies such as restaurants, cafes and take-away establishments across Melbourne, as well as
    Bins & Compactors
    The selection of appropriate handling and storage and/or compaction equipment to meet the objectives of each customer is one of the most important considerations in system design. The right equipment minimises waste handling, maximises available storage and thus minimises collection frequency, vehicle emissions and costs. What differentiates Corio Waste Management
    Resource Recovery Services
    The organics Resource Recovery Centre in Shepparton is operated by Western Composting Technology and processes greens, commercial food, and industrial organic wastes. Organics recycling at the centre is one of the ways we help companies to minimise waste. We also share information, knowledge and years of experience to help organisations

As a specialist provider of regulated waste collection, transportation and treatment services, we provide facilities management services, event management services, compliance and performance auditing, reporting and benchmarking and waste handling, transfer, storage and treatment equipment and facility design services. Technical expertise and a sound knowledge of government regulations and the

    Liquid Hazardous
    A wide range of manufacturing industries in Melbourne produce liquid and prescribed industrial (hazardous) wastes, which is collected and transported by Corio Waste Management Pty Ltd to third-party recycling, recovery/reclamation, treatment, management and disposal facilities. The main manufacturing industries requiring these services include food and beverage companies and chemical, petroleum,
    Biosecurity (Quarantine) Waste
    WHAT IS BIOSECURITY (QUARANTINE) WASTE? Biosecurity waste (also referred to as quarantine waste) is material used to pack and stabilise cargo, galley and food, human, animal and plant waste and refuse or sweepings from the holds or decks of a vessel or installation. It includes any goods or items subject
    Waste Management Consulting
    Corio Waste Management Pty Ltd has extensive experience in all aspects of planning and managing quarantine wastes. We especially understand the needs of government and the private sector. We have a range of commercial services and tools to assist customers in achieving their waste management objectives. Whether you want to
    Clinical & Related Wastes
    Here at Corio Waste Management Pty Ltd, we offer integrated and comprehensive services to a wide range of generators of sanitary, clinical, cytotoxic and related wastes. We service in a professional and helpful manner: acupuncture clinics, brothels, first aid and washroom facilities in commercial buildings and workplaces, dental practitioners, emergency
    Sanitary Hygiene
    Corio Waste Management Pty Ltd offers products and services to maintain a clean and sanitary hygienic washroom environment. All of our products are installed and regularly serviced by a qualified and experienced sanitary technician. This provides customers with confidence that the products they purchase are delivered discreetly, safely and in

Corio Waste Management Pty Ltd is an Australian company owned by the Dickens family. Ken, Mathew and Nathan Dickens are all employees of the company. Our management team is one of the most consistent, experienced, knowledgeable and expert in the waste management industry. One of the many benefits of doing

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Corio Waste Management Pty Ltd understands how to successfully become a supplier for local government. We understand that there are a lot of rules and regulations governing why and how decisions are made. We have formed successful working relationships with a number of Councils including: Casey City Council Darebin City

    Government Buildings
    We understand that local governments and government departments require a high-level of service, transparency and honesty in the delivery of waste management and resource recovery services. Local government sets the example for their communities to follow, without which standards can drop, resulting in potentially disastrous outcomes. Corio Waste Management Pty
    Litterbin Collection Services
    Corio Waste Management Pty Ltd provides a high quality litter and public place recycling bin collection service where regular collections and bin cleansing are done consistently and service delivery is supervised and audited so that service quality and other issues are identified and resolved quickly. We provide an efficient and
    Public Place Recycling
    These days, people expect to be able to recycle away from the home, and why shouldn’t they? Being able to easily and efficiently recycle wherever you are is an increasingly important part of the society we are living in and should be taken seriously and implemented in the most efficient

We are the waste management handling specialists to depend on in Bentleigh
When it comes to waste management and its disposal, it is better not to take any chances. Our company is a provider of specialist regulated waste collection, waste treatment solutions, compliance and performance auditing, and many other related services. We provide our services to commercial and government agencies and our
The waste management company to depend on in Berwick
Waste management is a key issue in municipal, metropolitan and state corporations. There are lots of rules and regulations for organizations to follow with regards to their waste management. That is why it is so important to trust the experts when it comes to collection, transportation and disposal of waste.
In Caulfield, we are the name to trust in waste disposal across private and government sectors
As people are becoming more and more concerned about the environment, waste disposal and management has gained a lot of importance. Improper disposal of waste can hurt plant, animal and human life as well as the environment and it is important to make sure that this doesn’t happen. If you
Do your best for the environment by hiring us in Clayton for waste management and disposal
Waste management has become a big environmental issue. While proper disposal and treatment of waste can lead to recycling and many other benefits, improper disposal can lead to an endangerment of lives. As a commercial or governmental organization, it is extremely important to handle one’s waste in the best way
We are your trusted waste management company in Cranbourne
Waste management is an important environmental issue and it is gaining more importance as people get more concerned about the environment and what its ill-treatment could bring about. This is especially a concern in commercial and governmental organizations where there is a lot of generation of cytotoxic waste or need
We are one of the most popular names in commercial waste management in Dandenong
Managing waste is extremely important for commercial organisations for the simple reason that it can be hazardous. Whether you own a pharmaceutical company which makes drugs or a hospital, there is a lot of toxic waste involved. Cytotoxic waste, if not got rid of properly and improper quarantine waste management
Need waste collection services or industry know-how in Frankston? We are the professionals to depend on!
Waste management is something that not many people think about but if you own or are working in the manufacturing industry or a commercial establishment, making sure that you hire the right waste management company is important. All organisations and agencies of a commercial nature will generate waste, and it
In Malvern, we are the waste management company of choice for private and government sectors
Environmentally-friendly waste management should ideally be up there with profit generation as a goal for commercial enterprises. However the truth is that it is not. This does not reflect on the organisations in question because often the case is that they do not have the resources or time to put
A waste management company in Narre Warren with all the know-how you need for your commercial establishment
Good waste management has a lot to do with knowledge. If a service company in this sector does not have enough know-how about dealing with waste segregation, collection and treatment procedures, it is not possible for it to provide satisfactory services to its clients. That is where we come in.
We are the waste management company to depend on in Pakenham
Waste management has become an environmental issue. Most commercial establishments take their waste management seriously and there are several governmental laws and regulations one must follow to ensure that an organisation stays within the legal premises when it comes to their own waste management. We are the company to depend