Quarantine Biosecurity Waste


Biosecurity waste (also referred to as quarantine waste) is material used to pack and stabilise cargo, galley and food, human, animal and plant waste and refuse or sweepings from the holds or decks of a vessel or installation. It includes any goods or items subject to quarantine or any items that are exposed to or come into contact with biosecurity waste. Compliance with the Department of Agriculture Biosecurity Waste Management Policy is critical to the sustainability of import and export industries in Australia.


Our knowledge of quarantine legislation, regulations, compliance agreements and process management systems that relate to the import and export of quarantine risk material and our proven performance in the management of this significant risk to Australia's biodiversity is second to none.

The scope of our biosecurity waste management in Australia includes:

  •     Auditing of your organisation’s compliance with quarantine regulations and voluntary industry agreements compliance preparations, security policies, user access controls and risk management procedures.
  •     Development and implementation of systems, procedures and processes to ensure that your organisation complies with voluntary industry agreements known as Compliance Agreements and Process Management Systems.
  •     Collection, storage, transportation, treatment and secure disposal of solid and liquid forms of biosecurity waste.
  •     Design and construction of quarantine wash bays and on-site treatment processes, e.g. autoclaving and heat treatment for high volume generators of biosecurity waste. We designed the state-of-the-art treatment process at the Don-KRC manufacturing facility in Castlemaine in 2009.

Our Service Centres in Moolap (Geelong) and Altona North are Quarantine Approved Premises (QAP) where the cleaning of biosecurity waste storage and transportation equipment is carried out. All activities involved in collection are recorded and maintained to demonstrate compliance with the requirements set out in the agreement and the chain of custody of biosecurity waste. All biosecurity waste collection, storage, transportation and treatment activities are performed by a Department of Agriculture accredited person operating under a Compliance Agreement (CA) for the relevant activity and operating at our QAP in Moolap and Altona North.

Other related services include the collection, transportation and treatment of waste water from quarantine cleaning facilities and ballast water, inspection of internal marine systems and cleaning of marine growth (biofouling).

For enquiries or more information about our Australian biosecurity (quarantine) waste management services, call our Customer Contact Centre on 1300 267 4696 or enquire online.